Yuna Statement Earrings
Yuna Statement Earrings
Yuna Statement Earrings
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Yuna Statement Earrings

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The Yuna Story:

Meet the new ‘Yuna’ earrings inspired by lucky charms, golden nuggets, and pockets full of goodness.

These symbols embodied all the good I wanted in the world, back then and to this day. But now that I’m coming up to my 34th trip around the sun, my new take on this is what you see in the ‘Yuna’ earrings before you. They now symbolise:


🔷 Your character makes you unique; it’s your mental and moral qualities that make you who you are. Embrace it and make peace with yourself. You are wonderful just as you are.

💖 We as humans crave connections; continue to connect with others regularly. Not just through your phone, but in person. This will have a positive mental health impact for both you and them. Your happy heart will thank you too.

🌻 Be mindful, everyday – stop and smell that flower you walked past. Go back, lean in, and take a deep breath. Really look at it and admire the magic of nature. Smile guaranteed. Life is beautiful if you take the time to see the good in your world.

Above all, remember to take those deep breaths in... and out...

For the quirky, creative, big thinking, make love not war kind of gal.

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