Azure Soak Milk Bath
Azure Soak Milk Bath
Azure Soak Milk Bath

Azure Soak Milk Bath

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Float away on an Azure blue cloud with this truly special Azure Soak Milk Bath by THESEEKE. 

Delight all your senses! Use a handful of Azure Soak in a warm bath and watch the water turn beautiful blue before your very eyes. Light a candle, surrender to the soak and drift away in bliss. 

Australian sea salt works to relieve stress and insomnia, encouraging the natural cellular repair of tired muscles. 

Blue Butterfly Pea is rich in polyphenols (or Proanthocyanidin) and flavanoids, which stop the harmful effects of free radicals which cause skin damage. 

Super hydrating coconut milk powder soothes the skin and contains Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and iron. 

Lavender provides a soothing scent to meditate to during your luxurious soak. 

Remove flowers before emptying your bath. 

Handcrafted in Australia.