Smock Dress - Lanky
Smock Dress - Lanky
Smock Dress - Lanky
Smock Dress - Lanky
Smock Dress - Lanky
Smock Dress - Lanky
Smock Dress - Lanky
Smock Dress - Lanky
Magpie Goose

Smock Dress - Lanky

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This stunning smock dress is from Magpie Goose's new collection: Kalumburu, a collaboration with the Kalumburu Strong Women's Centre (the Kimberley, WA). Bold, statement prints telling stories of bush foods, special people and animals, cultural practices, fishing, going bush, and Mission history!  

    • Scooped neckline on front 
    • Baby doll / smock style
    • Buttons down the front (works for breastfeeding)
    • Gathered waist
    • Pockets in side seams
    • Loose oversized fit
    • above knee length
    • Fabric designed by Dominica Williams
    • Cream and lilac print on tencel linen
    • Hand screen printed
    • Dress made ethically in Sydney
  • Artist: Dominica Williams

    Dominica Williams is a young Kwini and Gaambera woman from Kalumburu community. 

    “My family is from Kalumburu - my grandmother is Wunambal Gaambera, and my great great grandmother is Kwini. I grew up here in Kalumburu but I move around, between Broome, Derby and Kalumburu. 

    I like coming to the Strong Women’s Centre - I like to do things like sewing, making earrings and jewellery.”

    Art story: Lanky

    “I did the lanky design for Magpie Goose in 2018, it’s a brolga that became a part of our community. Sylvester found him in the bush when he was a little chick - and he grew him up here in the community. Since then, he was always around, he never left the community. Lanky was part of the community - he was part of us. He was like the next person. The kids loved to play with him. He was a community friend. He would even come to the discos! The dogs chased him a lot. He had a family too of his own. He had a few chicks - with his girlfriend. He would go down to the billabong and wait for his family to come visit him.

    When his owner (Sylvester) passed away; after everyone left the grave, he stuck around. He came and sat down at the grave. I think he knew: his dad had passed on. He still came round visiting with his little family. A lot of people fed him. He was OK in everybody's houses. People here were used to him. He was around for three or four years - when I was a teenager. 

    I reckon Lanky will look good on clothes - people would be proud of him on clothes.”