Silk Scarf- Yellow Fella
Silk Scarf- Yellow Fella
Magpie Goose

Silk Scarf- Yellow Fella

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  • 100% silk (crepe de chine) - a perfect size to wear around your neck, or tied as a headscarf in a variety of styles! Soft, matte silk; lightweight but durable. Holds its form well. 
  • 90cm x 90cm
  • Digitally printed with design by Jinibara artist Jason Murphy 
  • Purple and teal on black base
  • Released as part of the Magpie Goose x Jinibara / Woodford Folk Festival collection
  • Artist is paid per scarf printed; and an additional $20 per scarf sold is donated to Jinibara Gallery to foster more opportunities for Jinibara region artists


Jinibara artist Jason Murphy grew up in the West End in Brisbane, where he currently resides and retains strong links to his country.“Jinibara country goes down as far as Mt Nebo, as far north as Maleney, West to Kilcoy”.

Jason dates the beginning of his artistic career back to the age of seven: “My big brother once drew a rose bush on a book and I thought ‘that’s cool, I want to try that’. I started to draw and paint stories.” Jason’s artworks depict the narratives of people and place. ”As an artist you never know what you’re going to be influenced by next.”

Jason’s artwork defies traditional artistic definition:

“I think the words traditional and modern are antiquated. Culture is a growing thing; always growing, always moving, always alive. If we categorise it with something that diminishes its growth, we diminish our own growth.” His collaboration with Magpie Goose is his first foray into textile design.

Jason is a traditional custodian of Jinibara Country, on which Woodford Folk Festival takes place. Magpie Goose was invited by the Jinibara Gallery to create and share a special collaboration with Jinibara artists, to be released at the 2018/2019 Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland.

Art story

“This design is a response to being called a yellow fella, because I am of mixed blood. It also responds to Aussies with European heritage saying ‘You’re not a full blood.’

This design questions the European caste system; and also the traditional people calling us yellow fella ‘cos we’re mixed blood. There has always been different words; none of it is positive. Why do we have to justify ourselves through negative connotation?

This is a self-portrait of how other people see me – but how they see me is not right. When I look at myself, and this design – I know it’s not a self-portrait. It’s a dysfunctional self-portrait, focusing on the external things of me, looking at how other people see me. It’s me saying ‘You’re wrong, you don’t know me, stop doing that.’

This artwork started as a series of paintings and a build up of mono prints. Each figure is it’s own stamp, layered on top of each other to create the effect. The original paintings have texture. When you stamp, no matter how many times you stamp a layer on, the base layer stays true. In the original artwork the red is the bottom colour – coming from David Gulpulil’s statement that ‘we are all one blood’ – even though you stamp lots of other colours onto it, the red will always come through. The half figures represent Darwin’s statement to ‘breed the Aboriginal people out’.”

Jinibara Gallery

Jinibara Gallery, Woodfordia’s Traditional Custodians Gallery, is a partnership between Woodfordia Inc (the producers of the Woodford Folk Festival) and the Traditional Custodians of the Woodford area, the Jinibara people. The partnership supports the growth of the Jinibara Gallery to enable Jinibara people to share their art and culture with the world. You can shop hand made artefacts and artworks in person at the Woodford Folk Festival, or online at

Magpie Goose X Jinibara Collaboration

Earlier this year, Magpie Goose was invited to take part in Woodford's 25th festival celebrations. Through discussions with the team at Jinibara Gallery, we explored the possibility of collaborating with Jinibara custodians and artists Uncle Noel Blair and Jason Murphy, to co-create a very special Woodford 'capsule collection'. The artists were excited to have a new platform to share their stories and so began a six month process -  sharing designs (clapsticks, drawings, paintings), working with repeats for textiles, digitising designs, selecting colourways and base cloth, commissioning the printing and finally the manufacture of the clothing in Sydney!

We are thrilled to showcase four designs by Uncle Noel Blair and Jason Murphy in this collection. The designs tell stories of traditional artefacts and culture; plants and animals; contemporary identity struggles; and cheeky colloquialisms. 

The entire Magpie Goose x Jinibara Collection will be available to shop in person at Woodford Folk Festival, 27 Dec 2018 - 1 Jan 2019; and online in Jan 2019.

Silk scarves

In a first for Magpie Goose, this collection incorporates silk scarves! Magpie Goose will donate $20 from every scarf sold to Jinibara Gallery to enable them to continue their work in fostering local artists. You purchase of a scarf will support the ongoing creation of enterprise opportunities for Jinibara people.