How To Boost Your Confidence Through The Power Of Your Own Style

Did you know that the clothes you decide to put on in the morning can have a massive impact on your feelings, actions and attitude? This is called ‘enclothed cognition’ - (no we did not just make that up) - it’s a scientific term.

Let’s put this into practice; if you’re having a bad day and just want to hibernate at home you probably have your ‘go to’ yoga pants and baggy tee? In comparison to the killer job interview outfit that makes you feel powerful and poised. It’s true; you really ARE what you wear.

In a world where there are so many fashion trends and brands to follow, influencers, celebrities, and a vortex of societal pressure where women feel compelled to have to fit into a certain box or category - fashion can become overwhelming, daunting and uncertain.

Isn’t fashion meant to be fun and exciting? Absolutely yes! And we want all women to feel this way too.

We caught up with Darwin fashion icon and Stylist, Jo Moo, to get the inside scoop on dressing to boost confidence and self-esteem.

“Creating a style that suits you is an empowering aspect and the secret to personal styling. Instead of focusing on dressing for your body type, let this be a guide to inform not dictate your fashion choices. Enhance your body type through the choices of designs and styles that you love to wear,” says Jo.

As a Darwin local, Jo is a fashion advocate for the Territory and its access to unique fabrics from diverse cultures to “create the unexpected” yet still be practical and comfortable in the mist of the tropical climate.

“Choosing fabrics that glide over the body instead of clinging to the body will instantly change your mood and radiate confidence. In the Territory, always choose light fabrics that wash well such as linen and cottons. The tropical seasons are the perfect excuse to experiment with bold and bright colours for everyday wear,” explains Jo.

Jo suggests that if you are feeling dissociated and have the “I have nothing to wear” argument daily you need to invest some time to go back to basics and find fundamental items to start to rebuild your wardrobe.

“Think about the every-day, comfortable and staple items that you cannot live without; black pants, white tee, blouse, black skirt and denim jeans.  Once you have these items that fit and that you know you love to wear, you can start to inject your own style and personality through colours and prints to polish the look.

Expanding your style comfort zone is a great confidence-booster. It is important to trial and test to find what you like that makes you still feel comfortable and above all; reflects your true self. Ask yourself, what do I want to wear? Then have the confidence to create your own style and own it,” says Jo.