Lockdown Self-Care Rituals

Starting to feel the lockdown blues? 
While Netflix is tempting, why not gift yourself some loving during this time. 

Here are our top four lockdown self-care rituals: 

Light a candle, get out your favourite book and cozy up on the couch. Put your phone on airplane mode and get lost in a book. Highlight things you find interesting or take notes next to the page. Take breaks between reading to be still with yourself, admire the feeling of doing absolutely nothing and bask in the delicious smells of your candle. Let us inspire you with our heavenly, naturally-made range here.

Pour yourself a bath and be highly intentional with it. Firstly, put in your favourite bath soak, for example our Azure Milk Bath Soak by The Seeke. Next, put on some relaxing music, surrender to the soak and drift away in bliss. Your body, mind and soul will feel re-born and rejuvenated. 

Get out your favourite face mask, we love our Rosé Clay Mask by The Seeke. Put it on for 5 minutes, and throughout those 5 minutes tell yourself all the things you love about yourself in the mirror. Aim for 10. Yes, there are most CERTAINLY 10! You'll be working on your self love while working on your skin hydration, restoration and brightness. 

Your body is beautiful and it deserves to be celebrated. Get out your body scrub, such as our Coffee Body Scrub by Babe Australia and slowly rub it all over your body. While you're doing this, take some time to appreciate all the things your body does for you. Afterwards, say hello to a sexy and smooth glow! 

Allow these self care, indulgent rituals to shift your lockdown mood and most importantly, take care of yourself!

With love and kindness xx